Three things that makes me feel that there is a future tomorrow

Hey Friends,

Its been years since I felt like writing something and believe me, it is worth it.
Three things that make me feel that there is a future tomorrow:
I must quote person before I start this and he is Manoj Bhargava. When I saw his recent repeated advert on youtube, I was overwhelmed first time and later got cheesed up a bit.
However, what I learnt from him was you can do many things to change the way world works for the better..
The blind man quote he came up was awesome. “When a blind man walks into a well, when you are watching him and he finally fell into the well – Whose mistake is it”
Do something that is useful for the society, the thrill of innovation is awesome.
When I was a kid, I always wanted to be inventor / scientist. I guess the thrill of everyone talking about you being an inventor was cool – to my kiddish mind – back then.
But the story is different now, I get equal pleasure when I hear someone else invents something.
I feel moved and that movement makes me write a quick article on

Three things that make me feel that there is a future tomorrow.
(Not in any chronological order)

Looks like there is a lot of hope to live now 🙂


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