How to Put a Bullet in your Head

bulletLet me teach you how to “Put a Bullet in your Head”!!! Whoa….stop…stop…we won’t be discussing suicide techniques here but would rather discuss something vital for our careers. No matter if you are a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic young professional at the start of a promising career; you must have been in a situation where you are confronted with an idea which is completely against your pre-conceived notions. But ultimately when you have to resign to the fact that the new concept is right against your previous judgment, it feels like “Putting a bullet in your head.”

My Idea- Of course it is the best

It’s human nature to be overprotective regarding our thoughts and feel infallible “My thinking can never be wrong!!” It is ae result of years of nurturing and possessiveness that leads us to develop a superiority complex in relation to our intellect. We feel that our individual ideas are the best and there is no possible way that any other suggestion could even match ours. If we are confronted with an idea which is even slightly different from our pre-conceived notions, we feel irritated and frustrated. We discard the new concept altogethr “How dare he say that I am wrong” and are reluctant to accept the fact that we could be a mistake and the other person might be right.

But the reality is very different from what we think.

Why not be open minded?

Why not be open mindedBeing possessive towards our ideas is not bad, we have every right to think that our way of thinking is the finest and should try our best to get others to agree to it. After all, this is what motivates us to make our most dedicated efforts and getting recognition from others for our ingenious thinking. But does that mean that we would always be right?

We live in a world full of gifted individuals, who are more intelligent than we are; who have a better perspective than ours. We should be willing to accept the fact that the idea from other individuals could be equally good and sometimes even better than ours. There is no need to be over–possessive about our thoughts; rather having an open mind would serve us better. It would help us absorb the best suggestions and even further strengthen the foundation of our intellect.

While working in a team environment, being open minded is always an advantage. A single individual has a limited perspective. But if we keep an open mind and listen to creative ideas which other team members’ pitch, it would enrich our thinking substantially. And we will emerge as an improved individual.

Mentor – Mentee Relationship

When we are freshly out of the college and have just started working, we are fully pumped up to take on the world. We have our very own ideas which we believe are more than enough to help us climb the corporate ladder, but it isn’t so. With little or no practical exposure, what we have is only half-baked ideas, which won’t lead us to the top. That is where a mentor comes into the picture.


ChallengesSo you’ve just completed your management course from a swanky college and have been placed with a high-end MNC. You complete the training sessions and have been assigned a mentor without even letting you shine and sparkle on your own. Now, why do you need a mentor? He is also a mere human being, who could be wrong too, after all: –

  • The mentor’s ideas might be too safe, and there is nothing innovative about them to motivate you
  • There might be situations where your mentor tells you to take a certain action but you know it is not the right decision
  • If in case the mentor is new to the organization, then how can he guide you?

But one fact that you cannot ignore is that the mentor has got more experience in handling complex matters as compared to you. They must be doing something right if they have managed to grow in the organization, so following their commands without questioning the motives might not be a bad idea after all.

Grab all the wisdom you can from the Mentor

You are sitting at your desk, and all of a sudden receive a phone call from a prominent client, who is shouting at you but you don’t know how to douse this fire? You might have aced all your exams, but no lecturer can teach you, how to handle the angry client. You will encounter numerous such situations when you are at the start of your career. What you need is help from someone experienced, to assist you with your assimilation in the organization.

Many companies run mentoring programs where high performing personnel advice and train newer employees. The rationale behind this mentoring program is to help new employees learn from the experiences of the mentor.

Why follow your Mentor’s Orders

Believe me, if a mentor is telling you something, just listen to the guy for heaven’s sake. Following his order blindly is not so bad after all: –

  • A mentor is more experienced than you are and as such has an enriched perspective of handling difficult situations.
  • Your mentor must have dealt with similar issues that you are facing and might face in the future, so pick their brains and get to know about all the stuff you should know.
  • He is more privy with the work culture of the company and knows how to get things done. That’s why he has lasted long enough to become a Mentor!!
  • With someone to fall back on and keep you in check, chances of your making mistakes are reduced significantly.

Mentoring program helps in boosting employee morale, is a motivation for better performance and assists in nurturing leadership qualities.

Why is it important to learn “How to put a bullet in your head” at modern workplaces

Life is cruel and leaves no chance of springing surprises at you. With a highly competitive work environment at your office, there is hardly any room to learn while working. Your boss is always on your back expecting you to do the things rightly, from the word Go. So what to do now? The answer is pretty straightforward and right in front of your eyes; “learn how to put a bullet in your head.

Whether you are working in a team or directly under your boss, you will always be confronted with ideas which are radically different from yours. You can either act like a rebel and earn the wrath of your superiors or just accept the fact that there is a limit to your thinking prowess. You cannot know anything and everything and moreover, you cannot be right every time. Being stubborn won’t get you anywhere, whereas being open to new ideas can work wonders for you.

Listening to new ideas or different perspectives is essential for your growth as an employee. It would enrich your intellect and help you handle even complex tasks with relative ease. Moreover, it would help you gel with your colleagues and work together towards success.

Why aren’t these youngsters willing to listen?

Why aren’t these youngsters willing to listenI am going to rewrite the rulebook, will conquer the world, and mold everything to my will!! These are the thoughts that go through every young graduate’s mind right from the start of their new job. There is nothing wrong with having a kickass attitude but it won’t hurt to listen to some wisdom from your boss, mentor and team members.

But why is it so that despite being at the start of their careers, youngsters aren’t willing to pay heed to any feedback that comes their way. This could be attributed to: –

  • Know-it –all – Millennial think that they know everything and need not listen to any new idea.
  • Generation gap – Youngsters believe that if any senior or older person is telling them something, it must be outdated and boring. They tend to reject it outright.
  • Freedom of expression – has been inculcated so strongly in today’s generation that they discard any idea that infringes on their individuality

How to put a bullet in your head

If you think you are Mr. Know-It-All, then stop right here. It is beyond the capability of one human being to know each and everything and be right every time. But you still might be reluctant to accept the reality and simply alter your thought process, this could be attributed to: –

  • Loss of Individuality: – You might believe that by changing your ideas, you are being robbed of your individuality
  • Human Nature: – Your natural instinct is to repel any attack on your ideology and thought process.
  • Feeling Stifled: – You feel that your freedom of expression and thought is being curbed.

But in reality, being open to new ideas and accepting them voluntarily would help you at multiple levels: –

  • Enrichment of your thought process and perspective.
  • Help form a strong bond with your teammates and colleagues.
  • Save you from any erroneous decisions.
  • Increase your productivity.

From the above discussion, we can safely say that being open minded to “put a bullet in your head” is a modern day workplace necessity and the sooner you make peace with it, the better it is.


We, as human beings, have the tendency to nurture and preserve our ideas with sheer passion. Our thoughts are shaped and affected by a multitude of factors such as our upbringing, education background, friend circle, social circle and reading habits. Ideas are an extension of our individuality, and that’s what makes us so possessive about them.

But this should not mean that only our idea is right, and everybody else is wrong. We live in a world filled with brilliant minds, whose intellectual levels are much higher than ours. So, we should be willing to listen to other people’s perspective also and try to learn from their experiences.

This will not only help us maintain cordial relations with everyone but would also enrich our thinking process and help us emerge as better human beings.

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