Getting Ready for Promotion: Signs That You are Up For Promotion

Getting Ready for Promotion: Signs That You are Up For Promotion

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Obviously skill comes first: No company will recruit you as project manager and expect you to learn while managing projects?

What is a Job Promotion?

Promotion of an employee at his/her workplace is an acknowledgement of the employee’s good performance. Promotion comes in the form of advancement in the rank or position of the employee in the organization’s hierarchy system. With the promotion, also comes hike in the salary and other perks.

What is the Importance of Promotions?

Career planning is essential for reaching goals. In order to succeed and move up in the career graph, you need to take charge of your career. If you have been working for a long time in your organization, it is obvious that you expect promotion on account of the hard work that you have put up and also for your loyalty towards the organization. The reward which comes in the form of promotion brings with it extra incentives including bonuses and salary hikes.

Setting up long-term goals without any plans as to how to achieve the goals will only end in frustration. Thus, promotion also helps in motivating you to keep working harder in order to move higher and achieve what you have aimed for.

What Are The Challenges Of Getting Promoted?

What Are The Challenges Of Getting Promoted?

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Getting promoted is a challenging task. Transitioning into a status of leadership also brings along with it added responsibilities that you would have to shoulder. Along with more money, a promotion also brings with it more work, taking up responsibilities for a team, authority, and accountability. You will now be involved in important hiring decisions; if you have never had the experience of hiring anyone previously, be prepared for the amount of effort that you would have to put in to hire someone.

Your relationship with your immediate teammates will undergo a change, and there will be a period of adjustment to the “changing from co-worker to boss” relationship.

Six Signs at the Workplace That Indicate Promotion

A promotion at the workplace is a very important accomplishment. It is proof that your employer trusts you and is ready to entrust you with further responsibilities. It is natural that when you have been in your job for quite some time, you start getting restless for something more. You long to be appreciated for the hard work that you have put in and the challenges that you have met successfully.

Though it is difficult to predict what your bosses are planning, but there may be indicators in your daily work life that your boss has a promotion lined up for you at the end of the year.

i.    You are doing a great job

Of course, if you have been doing your job well, you deserve a promotion, and you know it. You have recruited new clients or increased sales or produced high-quality work and have thereby proved that you are an asset to the company and are ready to take on more responsibilities and heavier workload.

ii.    You are sent for additional training

One of the indicators of an imminent promotion is when your boss starts encouraging you to attend seminars, workshops or training sessions. He may also persuade you to upgrade your skills. These may mean that he is lining you up for extra responsibility and preparing you for duties in a new and higher position. Conversely, you can make an effort to pursue them yourself and indicate to your boss that you are looking for a promotion.

iii.    You are being included in higher decision-making levels

Your boss would start to evaluate you by asking you to be present in senior-level meetings, one-on-one planning session with him or a strategic conference. He will want your opinion on advanced aspects of the organization. Your response would give him a sense of how efficiently you would be able to contribute to discussions in higher-level positions if he is contemplating a promotion for you.

iv.    You are asked to lead a special and an important project

If your boss has put you in charge of a special project which is also very important and crucial for the company, it may be that he is analysing your capability. He may want to see if you will be able to perform efficiently in more taxing positions and take decisions.

It is now up to you to prove to him that you are fully capable of handling extra responsibility and pressure and that you are just right for a promotion.

v.    You have Healthy workplace relationships

People who are friendly and maintain a healthy co-worker relationship are popular candidates for promotion. Employers usually promote such people. So if you know that you are popular amongst your colleagues at your workplace, and your boss starts talking about your healthy attitude and leadership skills, then chances are that you are being considered for a promotion.

vi.    There is Movement within the company

If there are changes which are expected such as transfers, new hires, promotion in upper management or retirement of some individual, then this might mean restructuring. If you know you have worked well then you can expect a promotion. This is due to the fact that when positions open due to personnel change, bosses look for people who are dependable, experienced, knowledgeable and hard-working to fill up those positions.

Though these are signs that would show that you are getting a promotion, it is better to not count the chickens till they have hatched. Even if all the indicators hint at a sure-shot promotion for you, have patience and don’t start celebrating until you get it straight from your boss’s mouth.

Are You Ready for a Promotion?

Are You Ready for a Promotion?

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While there are indicators that you might be a candidate being considered for promotion, do you feel that you are up for a promotion? Why do you feel that your boss is thinking of a new position for you? There are signs that instill in you a feeling that you are ready for promotion.

If you find yourself doing efficiently the work of two or more people, or your manager is consistently looking to you for solutions, then it may suggest that you are ready to be promoted. You might also realise that you are your boss’s main confidante and that your boss confides in you about everything ranging from “where did I keep the sales file?” to “top-secret office rumors.

Your colleagues and team members respect you, and they often ask you to speak on their behalf in meetings to voice their opinions or grievances. The welfare of your department is a top priority for you, and you are also handling a major share of the department’s responsibilities.

Speak up if required to make your capabilities visible to your boss so that you are not overlooked when the time for promotion comes.

Preparing Yourself For An Impending Promotion

Promotion is not only about salary hikes. It is also about pushing past the limits of your current position and showing that you are ready to take on new responsibilities. To prepare for a promotion, you need to understand the organizational goals, your department’s work culture, and your team members’ critical functions.

You need to prepare for higher-level tasks and responsibilities and get innovative and think of ways to do everything in a better way. An impending promotion requires that you expand your skill set, get up-to-date and complete your work thoroughly with as little supervision as possible all the while using good judgement.

There might be feelings of fear and anxiety that you might experience with the news of promotion and the changes that would result from it. These are but normal emotions that come with the joy of being promoted. In the new position, you will now need to learn again and navigate through the waters of the new job, new bosses, new responsibilities, new peers and new perspectives.

Applaud yourself for all the hard work that you had put in for the accomplishment and then look into the future and start outlining your priorities, your new expectations and your new goals.

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